GlycoDomain Viewer


DOI: 10.1038/emboj.2013.79

Precision mapping of the human O-GalNAc glycoproteome through SimpleCell technology, Steentoft, Vakhrushev and Joshi et. al, EMBOJ 2013


The following key can be used to interpret the symbols used in the GlycoDomain Viewer. Symbol notation follows the Consortium for Functional Glycomics scheme. Predictions from NetOGlyc4.0 have been pre-calculated for all Human proteins, and are shown whenever data is available.

Google Drive

Experimental support for Google Drive is present in the software. If you'd like to test this functionality, please get in contact with Hiren Joshi at the Copenhagen Center for Glycomics.

Source Code

As usual, all source code for this site is available, with the main repository running at GitHub. If you're interested in using this software for your own purposes, get in contact with Hiren Joshi (hirenj) at GitHub. The software is an extension of software developed at the Joint BioEnergy Institute. You can learn more about some of Hiren's other projects at GlycoCode Code